About Us

Where we give experienced and aspiring clinical operations professionals the information, know-how, and skills they need to succeed in the fast-paced field of clinical research.


At Universal Research Group INC, we are committed to giving medical professionals in the field of clinical research top-notch training.

Our goal is to give enrich the know-how of healthcare professionals who enroll with us through knowledge sharing, information dissemination and exposure to the best practices they need to carry out excellent research that advances this quickly expanding sector.

Making a difference in life science is what unites us all. Our instructors will show you how to create a research protocol, assess adverse events, and report them. They will also educate you on how to establish clinical trial techniques, and broaden your working knowledge of clinical trial contracts. Our training sessions are interactive, allowing learners to fully express themselves and also provides avenue for networking.

Investigative Consulting and Training

Clinical research professionals with years of experience and expertise instruct our courses. They are passionate about imparting their knowledge and assisting learners in this demanding and sensitive industry to succeed. Our training courses are made to be hands-on and participatory. The Methodology we employ are quite relatable and applicable in the real-world work environment rather than abstract.

Furthermore, we organize well-coordinated and fast paced trainings, mentoring, and career coaching, to help our learners develop the necessary skills to get them hired, as well as to advance and build a thriving career in clinical research.


Universal Research Group Inc is positioned to deliver top-notch comprehensive training modules to organizations and individuals in the clinical research arm of the healthcare sector.  We are committed to assist our trainees acquire the requisite knowledge and skills that are necessary to conduct clinical research studies with the highest standards of quality and integrity.


Universal Research Group Inc is passionate about the vital role clinical research plays in advancing medical knowledge and improving patient treatment outcomes and impacts. We aim to help our trainees develop the knowledge and skills that are necessary to make a positive impact in this important field of work.


At Universal Research Group Inc we are committed to providing training programs that are up-to-date in alignment with current industry best practices and trends. We will strive to ensure that our learners/trainees gain the required knowledge and skills required to excel and be forces to reckon with in conducting successful ethical research studies that are scientifically proven, and compliant with all regulatory requirements and guidelines.